Saturday, December 31, 2011

overview: 2011

So tonight we wave goodbye to 2011 and wave in 2012!

Overview of my 2011:

I turned 18, woooooo!


Passed my two year college course with excellent grades in Graphic Design
'Body Image Project'

Character I created for Illustrative project for child's book.
Hello, Ebony Olivia!

My first holiday away with my boyfriend 

Had my first tattoo!

discovered I can bake, yay

So 2011 was quite a good year for me, and I hope 2012 delivers even greater things.
Do you have any NYE plans? 
Mine have fallen through last minute so i'll be welcoming in the New Year with 
DVD's and hot chocolate now!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

broken nail remedy

i had a big ouch in work the other day, and split down the middle of my thumb nail :(
which is such a pain, as i've recently got into painting my nails.. so i trawled the internet
looking for what to do to stop me picking it..

- get a tea bag
- cut it to the size of your nail
- paint your nail with nail varnish
- cover with tea bag
- add a couple more coats of nail varnish over the top

and voila, one glossy nail d.i.y plaster!

i also treated myself to some Sally Hansen nail strengthener and Perfectil to help growth!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

farewell festivities

festive earrings with crazy octopus hair!

first snow fall

worlds smallest Christmas card off my little sister

sweets from Santa, nom nom nom

my deeeeeelicious mince pies 

festive nails 1

festive nails 2

festive jumper

my gorgeous Acme case off my brother..

And..... my MacBook Pro, from my lovely boyfriend!

Just a overview of my Christmas, hope you all had a wonderful time. Can't believe its be and gone so fast... love the build up towards Christmas more than the actual day.
Happy New Year to you all, what are your NYE plans?


hello, i'm Lowri Jones,
i like vintage things and baking cakes.
enjoy my blog!